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BMS Power Buggy 800cc 4 Seat Go-Kart

BMS Power Buggy 800cc 4 Seat Go-Kart

Find out what Horsepower really means when you ride the all new 800cc BMS 4 Seat Power Buggy.

Anyone looking for upgrades will find the jackpot here. This isn't just some ordinary go kart. In fact, you might call it the Mercedes of go karts. It not only has more safety features than the space shuttle, but it also has enough design and operational add-ons included to make you think we put the decimal point of the price too far to the left.

Style is key to here. One thing that makes it so great is the large assortment of colors you can choose from. We've provided you enough choices to have a go kart that matches every time of day or every mood you feel. This color choice goes beyond just the frame as well. The seats are designed to either match or compliment the rest of the body color. BMS has made an effort to provide you with a product that not only performs well, but also looks like something worth buying.

Possibly the best safety feature you could have on any vehicle is a decent set of brakes. Well how about front and rear hydraulic disc brakes? You definitely can't get much better than that. These high quality discs have immense stopping power and will protect you and your go kart much better than regular stock drum brakes. This feature is a major upgrade and is not included on many other brands of dune buggies.

Engine/Drive Train
Displacement: 796cc, 4 Stroke
Horsepower: 40.1 HP
Cooling System: Water Cooled
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual w/Reverse
Drive: Shaft Drive
Starter: Electric Start
Ignition: CDI
Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection
Top Speed: 55+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
Chassis / Suspension / Brakes
Frame: Rack & Pinion
Front Suspension: Independent Arms w/Coil Over Shocks
Rear Suspension: Independent Arms w/Coil Over Shocks
Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc
Front Tires: 25 x 8 - 12"
Rear Tires: 25 x 10 - 12"
Controls / Safety
Lighting: Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals
Controls: Steering Wheel, Brake Pedal, Keyed Ignition
Capacities / Dimensions
Net Weight: 1180 Lbs
Fuel Capacity: 4.4 Gallons
Ground Clearance: 8.7"
Length: 148"
Width: 67"
Height: 59"
Wheelbase: 119"
Free: Free Shipping, Decals, Tool Kit, Windshield, MP3 Plug-in w/ Speakers
Government Certifications: EPA and DOT Approved
Additional Info
Assembly: This Item comes 85% assembled. Some assembly required. Be sure to tighten all screws and check for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation.
Limited Warranty: 12 Months

Free: Shipping
Free: Residential Service
Free: Delivery Notification
Free: Liftgate Service
Free: Owner's Manual Handbook
Free: Decals
Free: Tool Kit

Free: 12 Month Warranty

EPA / DOT Approved:
This Go-Kart is EPA and DOT Approved

4-Point Safety Harness w/ Racing Bucket Seats:
The BMS 800cc Power Buggy Go Kart has a 4-point safety harness attached to each seat. These safety harness' are much more secure and safe than the standard go kart seat belts. The seats are racing bucket seats which are much more comfortable and give this dune buggy a great look.

Protective Windshield:
This dune buggy is also equipped with a windshield. This windshield will offer the riders(s) protection from debris and weather.

Safety Cage w/Foam Padding:
This dune buggy is also equipped with a safety cage with foam padding as an added safety feature. This safety cage gives peace of mind to the rider(s) to know that they are safe and secure while riding this go kart.

Independent Swing Arms w/Preloaded Coil-Over-Shocks:
The BMS 800cc Power Buggy Go Cart is equipped with independent swing arm with preloaded coil over shocks on both front and rear suspension. This is top quality suspension to ensure a more balanced and comfortable ride.

Shaft Drive:
The BMS 800cc Power Buggy is also shaft drive. Having a shaft drive dune buggy requires much less maintenance rather than a chain drive dune buggy. The shaft drive also has high durability for a more reliable machine.

Emergency Brake:
The emergency brake on this model is a great feature. This feature keeps the go kart in one position if it is parked on a steep road or hill.

8.7" Huge Ground Clearance:
The ground clearance of this BMS 800cc Power Buggy is truly remarkable. The 8.7" ground clearance isn't usually found in dune buggies in the same class. This dune buggy will be much more comfortable to ride in and the ground clearance will prevent the machine from bottoming out no matter what kind of terrain your on.

Electric Start/Keyed Ignition:
The BMS 800cc Power Buggy is equipped with an electric start starting system that is operated by a keyed ignition for the simplest way to start any machine.

4 Speed Manual Transmission w/ Reverse Gear:
These BMS 800cc Dune Buggies are also equipped with a 4 speed manual transmission which makes this Dune Buggy very convenient and easy to drive. The reverse gear is an especially impressive feature for greater maneuvering capabilities.

800cc 4-Stroke Engine:
This model has a 800cc engine that has a 55 MPH+ speed capability. The 4-stroke engine is liked among many riders much better than the 2-stroke engines because there is no fluid mixing and it is very convenient to maintain.

Wrapped Steering Wheel:
This model also has a wrapped steering wheel which makes this machine much easier to control and to steer.

Rack and Pinion Steering:
This model also has rack and pinion steering which is designed to make this Go Kart relatively easy to steer and to control.

119" Wheelbase:
The BMS 800cc Power Buggy has an absolutely huge wheelbase measuring to 119". This provides the riders with a larger leg room area for ultimate comfort while riding in this go kart.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension:
There is independent suspension on both the front and rear of this Dune Buggy to make riding safer and easier to control on stable off road surfaces.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
The BMS 800cc Power Buggy Go Kart is installed with hydraulic disc brakes instead of your traditional drum brakes for the ultimate stopping power.

12" Tires:
This BMS 800cc Power Buggy comes with 12" tires on aluminum rims on the front and rear for the ultimately balanced and secure ride. These tires are perfect for off road use because of they're deeper treads providing great traction. These wheels are also made of a stylish aluminum material which is lightweight, but very strong and durable.

The BMS 800cc Power Buggy Go Kart is a great Dune Buggy for fast riding over stable terrain. The hydraulic brakes, 4-point safety restraints, and safety cage promote a safe vehicle to ride. This Dune Buggy has a great price and reliability that shows through its impressive features and performance.


All BMS Go-Karts come with a factory standard Certificate of Origin (Manufacturer Statement of Origin/MSO, mailed separately) which may be used for registration. We make no guarantee regarding your ability to register this Go-Kart. Each State and county is different and may have different registration requirements. Be sure to check with your local DMV or state authority for registration requirements prior to purchase.



Price: $6,397.25
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Manufactured by Boreem Motor Sports

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