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EVO 2 High Performance Gas Scooter

EVO 2 High Performance Gas Scooter

EVO2 Scooters are above the crowd with their 2 speed automatic transmissions and advanced designs. Reach speeds to 39 mph and over! EVO scooters are most often compared to Bladez scooters as they are very similar in design with all of the benefits of a Bladez plus more! EVO 2 scooters feature light weight stronger frames, more power, and a 2 speed transmission to name just a few of the improvements. Our EVO gas scooters are top of the line gas scooters, but if you demand a 2 speed transmission. Then this EVO 2 gas scooter is for you.

In an era where many gas scooter designs are still running spindle drives and crude folding systems, the Puzey Design team have now raised the bar with many significant improvements, all contributing to a greatly improved look and feel of their gas scooters throughout the EVO Powerboard range. Just looking at the scooter will show how far the EVO Powerboard team has distanced themselves from the rest of the gas scooter pack. With EVO you get a 90 day warranty. The EVO Powerboards come with an awesome list of features. No other line of gas scooters imported or of USA origin comes even close to matching the innovative Puzey design found in an EVO Powerboard.

Most scooters can't come close to matching the innovative Puzey design found in an EVO gas scooter. This patented, unique drive system is the heart of the new Puzey scooter, the first two speed scooter in the world! It will no doubt propel personal transportation into a new dimension of speed and reliability. The range of applications of Powerboards have thus far been limited by low reving, low horsepower engines. Now with the 2-speed gearbox, you can have the power when pulling off, or going uphill, in 1st gear and have the top speed with 2nd gear. Bring on the hill-climbs and riders over 250lbs! EVO Powerboards and Active Italy have an exclusive relationship and have been developing and improving motors over the past few years. With true Italian flair, the motors on the new EVO Powerboard range are even more powerful and reliable than before and have propelled the range to an all new level of performance.

EVO Powerboard Billet Decks are made from B52 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Supertough and ultra light, the EVO Powerboard machined billet deck is standard equipment, and is designed to provide a comfortable ride.

The new EVO Powerboard frame is built to take abuse. Almost impossible to bend, the new reinforced frame is twice as tough as anything else on the market. With superior design, quality welding and quality steels, the EVO frames are built to withstand anything you can throw at them. EVO 2 gas scooters now come with forged aluminum rims as standard equipment in a very cool new 210mm diameter and whopping 90mm width profile, allowing various types of road and off road tires to suit your personal preference.

Originally a Puzey Design, the new 3rd generation scooters have a newly patented and vastly improved folding system, with superior feel and functionality, that takes EVO scooters to a whole new level of portability.

Also a Puzey first, this unique and all-new patented feature is a one-touch tensioning system which allows EVO Powerboard owners to tighten the final drive belt in one simple and easy action without having to align the rear wheel. This feature is one touch tensioning system.
  • Innovative 2 Speed Gearbox
  • 40cc Active Motor
  • "Posi Lock" Folding Frame
  • Billet Deck
  • Quick Release Seat
  • Rugged Reinforced Frame
  • 1-Touch Belt Tension
  • Alloy Rims
  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes
  • 10 Inch Pneumatic Tires
  • Height Adjustable MX Bars
  • Speeds to 39 mph+ Top Speed

Price: $571.50
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Manufactured by EVO

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